Friday, October 28, 2011


That's what Jonathan said to his daddy today.

He loves it when H carries him to sit on his lap and watch TV together.

On times, like today, when H has to go to work, it will be really hard to put Jonathan on the mat because he still wants to sit on his daddy's lap and straightens his body so that it will be really difficult to lift him up from H's lap.

So...H this conversation started:

H:  "Daddy has to go to work.  I need to put you on the mat.  Do you understand what daddy is saying?"
Jon:  "No."
Me:  "But daddy really has to go to work already.  Do you understand that he needs to put you on the mat and go to work?"
Jon: "No"
Me:  "So if I say you can still sit on daddy's lap and he stays home, you understand what I'm saying?"
Jon:  "Yes".

ok...we lose.   haha

But we still had to put him on the mat cos H was running late already.

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