Saturday, January 14, 2012


We went back to Marina Bay Sands again on the first day that school reopened (2 Jan 12).

I was a good decision. Less crowded and we didn't have to jostle with many people, unlike the first time we were there in December.

Tickets for adults were $20 each and child at $14. The staff asked me how many tickets I needed. I told him 2 adults and pointed to Jonathan and he said "child". Well, Jonathan does look a little like a small boy :)

Here are some photos. Sky Park or 天空花园 is on 56th floor. Here we are at the lift lobby:

 Admission ticket.  Comes with a free 15 minute tour to see the infinity pool but we didn't go for it because it would only start in the afternoon.

 Sky Park on 56th, restaurants on 57th.

The scenery that greets you once you step out of the lift lobby.

It was very breezy.

That white open palm below is the Arts & Science Museum. See the little bllack dots in the shadow?  They are workers painting the roof.

The green rectangle is the floating platform,  The colorful  part are actually spectator seats.

Jonathan loves highrise buildings.  He was soaking them in :)

He looked down and I took this picture.  Those cars on the expressway look like mini car toys.

That's the new Gardens By The Bay (click here for more info), scheduled to open in June 2012.  It's a giant indoor garden, spanning a total of 101 hectares.

Finally...a photo with his daddy :) my 2 greatest love :))

We didn't stay up there long.  About 15 minutes or so.  We bought Jonathan a Marina Bay Sands tshirt as a souvenir.  We had lunch at the foodcourt at Shoppes at Marian Bay Sands and after a short detour somewhere, we went home.

We may go back to explore other parts of Marina Bay the next time.

Thank you Lord for giving us such a perfect weather again :)

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