Thursday, September 20, 2012


Jonathan saw the neurologist at KK in July.  She's a new doctor as his current doctor has left to go into private practice.  I wonder why is it that doctors always leave public hospitals and go into private practice?  It's just quite disruptive for us patients.'s another issue altogether.

The appointment well ok.  The usual questions asked, the body checked to see if the spine is ok, move legs and arms a little.  That's it.

Result :  Everything seems fine.  No vomitting anymore, spine is straight, been healthy.  Ok...we are going to discharge you.  We will leave you with 2 years open date.  If there are no medical issues, you don't have to come back anymore.

That's it.

Jonathan has "graduated" from the children's hospital. Somehow deep inside, I was a little sad.  We have been with KK since Jonathan was born and I just feel secure with them. So with this open date, it's like a final goodbye.

My question was:  What should I do if I need help for any medical issues like checking eyes, etc?  Answer from the neurologist was either the family GP or the Polyclinic.

H doesn't like to go the Polyclinic.  There is always the "3-hour-wait-for-your-turn" situations.  And moreover, for Jonathan to be sitting so long and waiting for his turn is really tiring.  We can opt to get referral from the family doctor (GP).  But that would mean we have to pay A Class.  To downgrade will take ages (I'm sure of it).

Someone suggested that if  you want quick service, just go to the hospital A&E.  But I don't see the urgent need for this.

Whatever the case may be, I hope I don't have to go through any of the above options.

This last visit, I took the opportunity to get his stoma checked.  Ever since the last bard button change some time in January this year, there was a piece of flesh that was cut around the stoma site and it was always red and tender, but not swollen.  I kept thinking that it will heal itself.  But the constant rubbing of the stem against his stoma always cause it to bleed.

The neurologist called a nurse who specialised in this area she recommended  the stoma adhesive.  It's powdery and you just need to squirt a tiny amount over the exposed area.  I have been using it and it really helped.  Although the flesh will not dry up, but the sealant stops the area from bleeding and also put a cushion layer over the exposed flesh.

Here's what the adhesive looks like:

**You need a prescription for the adhesive.

Hope this information about the Stomahesive will help any parent out there.

God bless you and thanks for visiting :)


Busy Mummy said...

hi, glad that Jonathon has been discharged..maybe an alternative would be to find out which hospital or where the doctor is practising incase (touch wood hope not) you need any advice or help as the doctor has all of his history....

May said...

Great news is when there is no new news! Important to get a copy of his history since they are discharging him. You can request them to prepare what they call a "medical history" doc.

KK seems to have a few "leave to private practice"...Vera's respi doc at kk last time also.