Thursday, October 04, 2012


In terms of fine motor skills, I must say that Jonathan has made some marked improvement.

He wasn't able to do much with his hands before, although he can hold something for a mere one second.  But what took me by surprise was when he did what I never thought he would do....that is to pull down his t-shirt to cover his tummy,

See in the video clip below. He is definitely a right hander.

I praise God for he is capable of doing this.  And moreover, being able to do it properly.

He tried to help me change his t-shirt once.  But of course it was a little difficult.  Perhaps with more practice, he will be able to do it next time.

And I will look forward to that :))

Thanks for dropping by my journal.  God bless you!!

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Busy Mummy said...

its so nice to see him improve day by day...its great !