Monday, October 29, 2012


H was off today.  And so when Jonathan woke up at 8.30am, I asked if he was keen to go out and he said yes.

The good thing about Jonathan nowadays is that he's very good at gauging if he's ok to go out or not.  Most of the time he's spot on.  Whenever he says "no" to going out, he ends up doing his poo business.  He knows that it will be very inconvenient to change when we are out so he will rather stay at home.

This morning he was confident and said "yes" while I prayed that his bowel movements will be ok. LOL.

So we left home at 10 and reached Gardens by the Bay about twenty minutes later.  The place was rather quiet, except for a primary school class, a group of kindergarten kids and a bunch of tourists.

Upon reaching, we went straight to the SuperTree section and got ourselves tickets for the OCBC Skywalk.  A bridge that spans from one Supertree to another.

 This is one of the Supertree (above)

The one-way bridge

Jonathan loves to go high and see the tall buildings.  It was  breezy up there and the air was clear.

After a hearty breakfast at the Coffee Shop, we headed for the Flower Dome.  The main display theme was Halloween.  Coincidentally, Jonathan chose to wear orange today and to have him match with the bright colors of different flowers is really something!

 The Flower Dome is airconditioned.  This makes it so pleasant.  I was worried that the plant smell will irritate our noses but there wasn't any overbearing smell at all.

The first level featured all types of plants and flowers from all around the world.  The 2nd level was full of all types of cactus, some we have never seen before!

Here are some unique cactus and Jonathan stretching his hands to touch one of them.

Overall we had a good time. We didn't finish touring the Garden as the Cloud Dome was under maintenance.  But of course the biggest surprise was that Jonathan said he liked it.  LOL!  All these years he has shown us his dislike for nature but today was an exception!

Thanks for dropping by.  God Bless!

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Wishful Thinking said...

Beaut photos Serene :-)
Love that J said he would like to go and enjoyed it all. Looks a very cool place ... will have to put it on our list of places to see when we are next in Singapore - that walk looks awesome.