Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Happy new year to all!  Hope the start of the new year was good for everyone.

Nothing really has changed much since we stepped into 2013.  Jonathan, as usual, was more chatty and quite a teen.  He was a little emotional towards the end of 2012.  Not sure what triggered it.  The slightest things like playing the wrong Wheel of Fortune video clip will set him crying

Thankfully, after I gave him a pep talk, he became better and have since stopped the tantrums.

I'm happy that he understands when we explain to him.  And more importantly that he's able to carry out instructions.

We started the year with a field trip to the Gardens by the Bay again on 4th January 2013.  We didn't get to visit the Cloud Forest on our first trip to the Gardens last year, and besides, the Flower Dome had the Christmas theme dispay.  We went for both which I was glad we did because the entrance fee for both conservatories was cheaper when  you buy both at at the same time.  Moreover, with the SAFRA card, there was a further 10% discount.

Alas we ended the day with him falling ill.  Our fault actually, for deciding to take the "hot" route from the Gardens via the bridge connecting to Marina Bay Sands,  It was too hot for him and we only had the cap but that didn't shield him much.

Still, I'm thankful that he did like the Gardens again and was pretty relaxed during our time there.

Here are some pictures:


The first thing that hits you with splashes of water is this waterfall (above).

We went to level 7 and slowly walked our way down.  By the 4th floor, the only way to go down was via the escalator or lift.

Thanks for dropping by.  God bless!

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