Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Yep! Jonathan came down with blocked nose 2 days ago and triggered what seemed like endless phlegm accumulating at his throat. We were disturbed by the sound. No matter what medication we gave, treatment that should show immediate improvement was a little slow to react.

Then off we went to the clinic yesterday afternoon. H wanted to get something prescribed to make him more comfortable. Doctor asked if it was because we fed Jonathan Chinese new year's goodies.
LOL how I wish!

The phlegm problem became little more intense. With each cough, it generated a retching sensation. I admit I was near panic. I didn't want him throwing up again!

Jonathan was so tired that he asked to take a nap at 8.30pm. So here we were in his room and he tried to sleep but the phlegm was just too much. I got really frustrated and prayed: "phlegm be plucked out by its roots from Jonathan's body in the name of Jesus!"

A few minites later, Jonathan decided to sit up and suddenly started coughing and with a deep gagging cough, he coughed out the whole chunk of white phlegm, almost to the size of my palm!
Relief took over me! I kept asking him to breath so that he will not start retching. His throat was clear for a a short time and the sound came back again. Then half hour later, he gave another big cough and a smaller amount of phlegm came out. After this, his throat was totally clear!

I was more relief for him than perhaps him himself!  He was so tired that after his last milk feed, he slept right through till this morning.

And his throat is clear when he woke up. I thank the Lord for teaching me how to pray this way and for that miraculous healing!

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