Friday, May 24, 2013


My friend whom I met throught scrapbooking has encouraged me to start doodling.  She has been doing it a some time now and I find inspiration from her work, which are almost like a professional artist.

So here's mine for the last few days.  I did 2.  Hope to do more.  I draw when my boys are asleep and I have just finished my work in the middle of the night.  Fun and relaxing actually.

These are what I used so far.  Simple color pencils (bought by H), gel pens (from my sister Arina) and Sharpie Markers (from my sister Sally).

My first remember Bryant who just passed away.  He was 10 years old with special needs.  Rest In Peace Bryant.

Second piece I finished today.  Didn't know why I did this but it just came to my mind today.

Hope I will be able to continue doing it from time to time :)

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