Tuesday, September 30, 2014


And prayerfully the last too.

It started on Sunday (28th September) evening. He was making soft moaning sounds. Was drooling alot but after giving him medication, seemed fine.

I went off to my mom's as it was my turn to help with mom on the maid's day off. While there, I received a text from H that Jonathan was showing signs of being unwell.

Rushed home to find him with low grade fever. But escalated to 38.5° in the middle of the night.

This morning, instead of seeing a well rested kid, Jonathan began to look really lethargic. At the clinic, he started breathing heavily and the sound of phlegm coming from his chest area was really loud.

Upon seeing him, the doctor said he looked pale, perhaps we would like to admit him. He left us to decide and proceeded to administer the nebulizer to Jonathan. The nebulizer treatment opened up his airways and he became pink on the lips again. Airways were opened but his chest/lungs were still with phlegm.

Doc gave us 2 choices. Admit him at KK or return to the clinic tonight for a 2nd treatment since he was breathing better. We opted for the 2nd choice.

5 types of medications were prescribed for him. 2 types of inhalers are to be used.

Jonathan has not had a bad lung infection since 8 years ago. I don't know how it became this way although i could see he was already showing signs just a few days back.

Miraculously after the clinic visit, once at home, he started coughing out all the thick gooey secretion that were irritating his throat that caused the raspy crackling sound each time he took a breath. And after giving him chest physio, he seemed to be coughing out more.

I feel relief that he's able to cough on his own. I hate the thought of the suction tube going down his mouth and throat at the hospital.

He has protested even while hearing the discussion between H and I on bringing him to the hospital. But now, even though the fever is 38°C, he's resting and there's less sound coming from the throat.

I think it probably started because he has refused to sit on his chair lately and opting to lie down all the time. I should have been more firm. But since he was ok, it didn't occur to me that it would happened. I totally forgot about it. Huge mistake :(

Treating a child with special needs is pretty much a guessing game when it comes to medical treatment. With Jonathan, even though he understands and can tell us, he will tell you no pain, no discomfort and no problem just to avoid seeing the doctor or a trip to A&E. So it is also a guessing game to see if it's serious enough for urgent medical action to be taken. But funnily he will still tell me he needs medicine when he feels unwell. For this I'm thankful.

Last night we went for the first review at the clinic.

While he was pale and breathless in the morning, the doctor was very surprised that he recovered 50% compared to the morning.

The cough mixture he prescribed did help in a way. Instead of suppressing the coughing, this medication purposely made him cough more. That caused Jonathan to cough out all the phlegm and secretion.

Although it was a long and tough night with fever going up and down, from borderline to high of 38°, having to wake up every hour to check his temperature and making sure he doesn't choke on his thick phlegm was a little draining. He finally had a deep sleep at 5 am.

We still need to go back to the clinic daily for review until they discharge Jonathan. Thankful for our family doctor's who really takes care of our boy.

And glad we decided not to go the hospital. It would have been more tiring.

It's not the haze the caused it. He's been indoors but according to the doctor there is a strong virus strain that's going around. They have experienced a lot of patients with chest infection.

The chest therapy still continues. the inhaler therapy will also still continue. But as of this morning, I'm thankful the fever has subsided.

Now I have to handle the diahroea issue as the Augmenting antibiotic he's taking now causes watery stools. But I'm can't complain. Just have to wait patiently while giving him Lacteofort solution to ease the diahroea.

let this episode be over soon!

Lord, thank you that "by His stripes Jonathan is healed" 1 Peter 2:24

God bless!

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