Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I watched a doctor program on tv recently and they introduced hoola/hula hooping as a form of exercise. I decided to check it out. I found out that hoola hooping can help strengthen the back muscle amongst other benefits. And so i ordered one online from www.hulahoopsingapore.com and received it end September.  May, the owner of the hulahoop company, said for the first week, I should hoola for 5 minutes per day so that my waist will not be sore and slowly get used to the hoop.
Since Jonathan was not well, I didn't touched it till a few days ago.

I tried and the hoop kept falling. It's not easy to control and the foam hoop, which is 100cm in diameter (according to Mary is ideal for my height) is 3 lbs. This hoop has adjustable weight by adding small iron bars inside the hollow part of the hoop that adds up to at least 5 lbs. The foam hoop cost $69.90. Plus shipment courier I paid a total of $69.90.

It's quite funny trying to keep the hoop up. Jonathan kept smiling at me. Haha. By the end of 5 minutes I was actually perspiring. H said it's because I had to squat and stand just picking up the hoop that dropped so that's counted as exercise already haha. Ya very funny!

I didn't give up.  Every chance I get in between taking care of Jonathan, work and house chores, I'll pick up the hoop and start hoola-ing.

Today, I did a few 2-5 minutes exercises.  Each time I did about 200 rounds, the last slot I managed to go up to 350!  I kind of found my rhythm.  But sometimes when I get distracted, the hoop starts to move down and then I will speed up my movement and it moves up to my waist again.

I do find that it helps with my back.  For the last 2 days, I don't seem to feel the nerve aching at all.  I don't guarantee that this is the result of the hoola-hooping but only time will tell.

But it's been fun.  At least i get a break in between what I was doing that time and it gives Jonathan a chance to laugh at my comical movements. haha.

Stay healthy everyone!

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