Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Thankfully Jonathan was willing to go to KK that morning on the 23rd of October. He didn't even protest. But I did tell him it was time for button change and he was alright with it. Normally it would be a struggle just to get him onto the buggy.

The waiting time for his appointment with the neurologist was almost 1.5 hours. The doctor said, "it was good to see Jonathan again after 1.5 years." Haha.

Review went well. We found out he is already 150cm tall. And that's almost my height! They will have to use a longer measuring tape in future haha.

After Neuro, we rushed down to surgery for the button change. I was happy that an experienced nurse was there. She always changes buttons at a fast and efficient manner. First thing she asked me was "Isn't he afraid?" Well...if he was he didn't show it. Our boy was as cool as a cucumber LOL. They know him by name and even after so many years they will still ask if he's nervous. I should have said I'm the nervous one haha.

I scooped him onto the bed, they got their things ready, applied lubricant around the stoma and then nurse said "sorry ah". The next thing I heard was a "pop" and a little grunt from Jonathan and done. All within 30 seconds. Very little bleeding. Thank God for that.

We fed him there. It was meal time and also in a way to test the button. Gave him panadol to ease any discomfort.

"Do you have any pain at the button area?", I asked.

He replied "no".

Thank you Lord everything went well. Till next year...

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