Saturday, November 08, 2008


Jonathan loves the playground. I will only bring him when his papa is around. Today, when H was on his way home, we decided to meet him near this playground {that is a few blocks away from our place} to buy ice-cream to eat in this warm weather. Then..upon seeing this playground, Jonathan asked to go.

This playground equipment is more user-friendly than the one that's at our park.

He had a chock-full of fun! Enjoy the pictures.

Playground near Block 350

Father and son managed to climb up the suspension bridge

H tried to make him walk ... but he bent his legs immediately

Before going down the slide. In the end, we let Jonathan come down on his own.



Chowchow said...

Serene - JON looks so happy on the slide...

Serene Ho said...

Yup! I'm glad we could bring him there that day.