Saturday, November 15, 2008


Jonathan's tapes...

I was going through the tapes today. Trying to find a suitable one for him cos he has seen them all. For 11 years...I have collected these game shows, with the help from my sisters in Knoxville and Memphis Tennessee USA {cos they tape the most current shows and bring them over for Jonathan...tks sis-es!} I was going through the tapes ... I decided to count them ... 64 pieces of video tapes {each 3 hours worth of game shows}. Some tapes are extended play {from USA} ... which means 6 hours of wonder for Jonathan !!

I did manage to transfer some into DVDs. Will have to continue doing that. Thank God most of these tapes are coated with anti-fungus solution when we bought them so they are still playable.

Soon there won't be enough space for more tapes. As you can see ... the tapes are stacked up in a small cupboard of my so-called entertainment centre! LOL!

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