Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Spastic Children's Association School had her graduation ceremony on Saturday, 15 Nov. I was invited to give a song presentation. The program went by so fast I didn't have time to record my singing but I managed to take a picture of Teck Yong {one of my blogger boys} with Jonathan.

To me...Teck Yong is a gentle giant. He's taller than me, speaks with a rough voice but when he's with me, he's so shy and gentle. I have heard otherwise from his teacher ...LOL!

Anyway, he asked for Jonathan. I stole Teck Yong away from the graduands group and got this picture of both of them. He looked so smart in his shirt and tie and graduation gown.

I will miss him. But I'm glad he's able to start work at the GROW workshop which is also at the same vicinity as SCAS. I wish him all the best.



Teacher Yi Hui said...

HIya Serene!
Was looking through the boys' blogs and you have really taught them a lot! you must teach me how to do all these creative things too!

Serene Ho said...

Hi Teacher Yi Hui! Thanks for dropping by. Sure! Ask me anything about blogging and I'll try my best to help. You can also take a look at http://www.7aonline.blogspot.com. I left some lessons there for the boys to follow.

Nicole said...

Hey Serene, I fully agree with Yi Hui. U have really taught them well and given them a "voice" to be heard in the cyberworld. I really do hope they continue to blog and express themselves. Do teach more students. Btw, I shall be ur student too, learning from that site.... Thank U ah si fu!