Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I must admit ...  4 decades plus 3 is a long time.  Half of which were spent with a fabulous family of great parents, loving and supporting brothers and sisters.

The 2nd half that became a integral part of my life ... a wonderful and caring husband and a terrific son.

God has been good to me.  Though I must say there are alot of times when things happen the way they did were to prepare me for many things to come.  I've experienced being a singer, a relief teacher, a music director, a musician. Tried graphic design course, then found success as a secretary and finally became a full time mom and now helping to run a tshirt business.

These priceless experiences, though short-term, brought a lot of changes to my life.  Sounds like a jack with all trades, master of none .. haha.  But I've enjoyed the process during my younger days right up to where I am today.

I look forward to more decades to come.  My desire is to see Jonathan able to speak and walk.  What a great birthday present that would be :)

I'm thankful for family and friends.  People who I cherish the most and I believe more friends to come.

On the eve of my birthday, Jonathan gave me a pat on my head.  That's his way of showing his love for me.  He happily agreed to spend Sunday night out with us, something he doesn't usually do, preferring to stay at home.  We had a simple dinner at Pasir Ris, just the 3 of us and that's enough for me.  A kiss from both men in my life.

Thank you family and friends for all the birthday wishes through sms-es, e-cards and facebook.

Here are some from sms that I would like to keep:

"Happy birthday to u dear sis.  May God bless u abundantly with continual joy, good health n wisdom, His favor circles u like a shield.  His eyes shine on you all yr days.  Love ..."  MT/LT

"Beloved sis, expect great things from God n great things you will have.  There is no limit to what He is able to do.  God's word will never return void.  He gives power to the faint n He increases strength. Isa 55:11, 40:29 The best days of your life r ahead of you.  Blessed birthday :-) ..." NT

"Blessed birthday talented resourceful lady.  May u always remain so cheerful n resilient in Jesus Christ.  God bless u w all His heavenly blessings." MY

"Hi a Serene!  Happy birthday!  Have a good one! :-)" RT

"Hey yee yee Serene!! Happy birthday!! And God bless :)  God bless your family with abundance and favor and happiness :)  God bless your business with prosperity, joy and oneyyyy! Hahahaha :)  Happy birthday!!" KW

I'm truly blessed and thank you Abba Father for creating me that you will continue to use me in many ways I can become a blessing to many more.

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