Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Elaine and Jim {our British couple friends whom we have known for more than 10 years!} came by on Sunday and gave Jonathan a present.  I have their photograph but not sure if they would mind it being in the journal so I have to leave it out.  Elaine was quite cheeky, told Jonathan they got this from the school {as you know ... he doesn't like the mention of that WORD! haha}

This present is a bolster for exercising.  They had it custom-made for their little girl who has out-grown it.  I was just too happy to get this gift from them.  Thanks Elaine and Jim!

Obviously someone was very excited and happy about this new "toy" that he got and wanted to "play" with it immediately, forgetting that it's for him to have his exercises.  So...remembering what his PT used to do, I started with this.  It is to stretch his legs so the joints around the hips and inner thighs will not be tight.

A few minutes later, he wanted to get down and we went on to the kneeling exercises.  You can see he's still very happy here.

A few minutes later, he wanted his favourite position.

Look at the wide grin on his face!  He will push with his legs so his head will touch the floor ... on purpose!
And finally, we ended with him balancing on the bolster itself.

Although it was just about 10 minutes, he was tired after that {see his hands to his eyes}.  It was already 10pm :) We had to hide the bolster because he kept asking to play on it, even after he had his meal.  I got more exercise lessons from his PT today and will get Jonathan to try those.  This bolster is one meter long and his legs dangles when we put him length-wise but it's certainly safer than putting Jonathan on the big exercise ball.  With this bolster, we are on the floor and I can kneel behind him whenever we exercise.  Not so strenuous on my back :)

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May said...

definitely more stable than the ball. looks like he had fun!