Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Happy that Jonathan could make it for the appointment today since he was not well on Sunday.

We were half hour late for this morning's appointment at the National Dental Centre this morning.  Traffic was heavy.  Thankfully the doctor said it was ok for Jonathan to see her.

Waited half hour for our turn.  Today was number 71 at room 20.  Yup...they have so many rooms on just one level.  Pediatric Dentistry.

Jonathan was good.  Of course, asking him to open his mouth is still a task for him.  The funny thing was he opened a small gap after she removed her fingers from his mouth and closed it up when she tried again.

She checked the teeth outside.  Said that one of the teeth has turned pinkish and about to fall out.  It's actually just covering the new tooth that is slightly visible from gum.  Advise is to leave it alone and let it fall out on its own.  So we can expect it out any time soon.

There are still about 4 baby tooth/molars (including the shaky one) that's left to drop out.  We are also waiting for the adult molars to come up.  These adult molars are on their own.  They are not from the spaces where the baby molars drop off.  These molars will come up from the gum at the very back after the last molar space.  They are conveniently called the 12 year old molars.  Just additional teeth as the child grows older. Jonathan's a little late but it doesn't really matter.  Dr Toh said we should expect them soon.

His front teeth are generally cleaner now.  There's not much plague and we're happy with that.  At least now, he opens his mouth a little wider for me to clean the back of the front teeth and spits water whenever we rinse his mouth.

Dr Toh mentioned that we will not do the major cleaning until the adult molars are out.  Then they can put a sealant on all the new teeth and patch up and work on whatever needs to be protected and do a thorough cleaning.  Perhaps in another year.  We also to increase the toothpaste from pea-size to slightly more since he knows how to spit the water out and only swallows on the third rinse.

She recommended a cute toothbrush for Jonathan.  It's a 3-in-1 way toothbrush that while you clean the top, the side bristles will clean both the in and out sides of the teeth.  We got it from the dental pharmacy there.

There were a few brands but I picked this since it was endorsed by the Health Promotion Board.  haha.  Talk about kiasu :)

Jonathan has had 2 very good dentists since day one of his appointments.  One is Dr Rashid Tahir who is now at The Kids Dentist and the current Dr Toh.  They always give us a thorough explanation and are very very good with Jonathan.

Anwyay, praise the Lord the appointment went well.  Next one will be in October 2010.

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