Monday, April 26, 2010


My nephew's birthday last Friday.  So decided to do a shirt for him.  He always signed off his emails with his initials "MW".  So I decided to do a small emblem for the front:

Then using the same initials, I stretched the W and put a verse in between his initials making it to look like a cross.  This was printed on the back of the shirt.

Then I found a musical vector that was really nice and printed this on the canvas bag.  Added a verse as well.  Love the results.
But on Thursday morning, my mum had a fall.  2 falls actually.  The other on another night.  All in the middle of the night.  The first fall gave her a bad bruise behind her head.  But the second fall gave her a hairline fracture in the inner right hip.   She became unwell yesterday after we had a birthday celebration at her place on Saturday evening.  But when i spoke to her this morning, she sounded cheery.

My nephew (the birthday boy) also came down with high fever yesterday.  Then it was Jonathan's turn.  We brought him to the market for lunch and were caught in the drizzle on the way back.  But by afternoon, he started throwing up.  Thank God for previous experiences.  Stopped milk, gave porridge water and the necessary medication.  Today he woke up a little more cheery although lethargic.

He's got the dental appointment tomorrow morning.  We have to bring him cos it's been postponed many times and I do want his teeth to be checked.  He's probably due for another major cleaning.  Hope everything will turn out ok.

What a way to end last week.

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Wishful Thinking said...

Cool gifts Serene :-)
Too bad about your Mum - hope she mends quickly. And Jonathan gets well soon too!
Hugs R