Friday, April 16, 2010


Wednesday was a busy day for these technicians.  The efficient guys from Aire Control did an excellent job in changing the air-con units and removing and fixing the big compressor within 6 hours.

Here, they just removed the old Carrier compressor {above}.  And here is the new Daikin {below} before it was lifted through the small window unto the steel bracket outside.
They were professional and they made sure after fixing each unit, swept and mob the floor so cleaning would be minimal for us.

So now ... Jonathan is enjoying the oh so cool air in the sweltering and humid weather.

And while they were doing it, I managed to design this for my sister, who wanted a tshirt based on Psalm 23:1

Took this picture in bad lighting but it's actually a silver/grey lamb with white body {although in this picture it looks the total opposite : white outline, grey body..hahaha!}.  The words on the body are in burgundy and the rest of the other words are white.  It was layered and pressed on a dark blue tshirt.

I've come up designs for coasters and I hope to market them soon.  Here's a sneak peek of one of them:

Pressed on cork coasters.  If you want a set of matching coasters, please let me know.  Thin cork coasters, size:  radius 8cm.

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Wishful Thinking said...

Oh so glad you have air con back! I wouldn't survive without it I don't think - especially at the moment hehehee :-) Glad the technicians cleaned up after themselves as well - that's always a bonus!