Friday, August 27, 2010


Despite what went on, I'm thankful to God that He helped me come up with designs for requests:

This was designed for a physio therapist from USA.  Jonathan's PT had asked me to create something as a gift for 2 therapists who were here to trained the PTs in Singapore.  I googled about PT and found this statement "The Law Of Physical Therapy" and decided to use the initials of the course "NDT" which actually means Neuro-Developmental Treatment.  Colors used: silver (silhouette)  / red (law of PT)  / royal blue (initials NDT) / light blue (words)

My sister wanted a shirt for a student she taught in kindergarten 2 years ago and who will pay her a visit every year on Teacher's Day.  His birthday was coming and she wanted to give him a shirt.  His name is M.J.  So I created a few designs using his initials including this smiley.

Since my sister liked 2 of what I designed, I gave her the smiley for the front and the other design (enlarged) for the design on the back of the shirt.  Colors used:  silver (smiley face and MJ)  / orange (full name)  / red (star)

This is the last design I did for H's niece who has just took up tap dancing.  Front :

For the back, I found this tap shoes clipart and also found the phrase when I googled for quotations for tap dancing.  The phrase is supposed to be "tap shoes make the best noise ever!"  But I changed "noise" to "sound".  The front of the shirt is actually violet but it looks white here.  Colors used: violet (front) / fuchsia pink (tap dancer) / ice blue (tap shoes) / white (phrase)

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Wishful Thinking said...

They are neat Serene. Love the smiley face made out of initials - you are so clever :-)