Thursday, August 05, 2010


His gums are tender because there are teeth dropping and new teeth growing, all at the same time.

He has been drooling alot all because of the teeth.  He cringes when I brush his teeth.

I faxed this picture to his paediatric dentist a few days ago because I was really concerned that one of the teeth that is coming out is pushing against another tooth and has caused that tooth to become loose and shaky.  Besides, he's appointment is supposed to be in October.
(It's black and white cos I didn't want it to be too graphic)

The new tooth on the right is coming out but the baby tooth is still intact and pushing against the tooth on the left.  At the same time, it's causing his gum to be tender and red.

It's hard to get an appointment fixed but the appointment desk was able to fix another appointment to 17 August.

Spoke to Dr Toh yesterday.  She said there's nothing to worry about.  So we can wait till the 17th.

But I'm not taking it lightly.  So I've been giving him panadol (only at night before he sleeps) to make him comfortable.  Jonathan said it doesn't hurt.  But when I see the redness, I'm stressed.

Today, I found a new tooth emerging from the last tooth that dropped.  Then to my surprise, I saw a wisdom tooth on the upper jaw!

No wonder he's been drooling and to compensate the uncomfortable feeling, he's been pressing his mouth against the mat that he's lying on.

I hope this Tender Teeth Times will go quickly!

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