Sunday, August 29, 2010


What does Jonathan do when he wants me to pay attention to him or whenever I leave him alone for a while?

This ....

His first target is the packet of tissues that lies within reach.  He will pull and pull, the fan will blow the tissues all over house and eventually the whole stack will break free from the plastic packaging (seen here under his knee):

And when the tissues are no longer helping him to get any attention from me, he will reach out and pull something else.  Sometimes he can even right into the box of Jonathan's button supplies and start pulling things out. As you can see...he was reaching for the bag of diapers:

So he's finally got my attention.  When I ask why does he pull the tissue, he will grab a few pieces in his right hand and wipe his mouth with them.

My smart...LOL!

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Wishful Thinking said...

Sounds like my two! hahahaa The things they do and the messes they make just to get your attention huh!
Love how he answered you when you asked him why! hehee ... very smart! ;-) Cheeky wee thing :-)