Sunday, June 19, 2011


Jonathan wanted to give daddy a gift.  Since we couldn't go out to buy one, I asked if he wanted to give daddy an ang pow (red money packet).  In this case, the envelope is gold. hee hee.

I held his hand to write on the envelope.

I asked him how much he wanted to give.

Me:  Do you want to give daddy $10?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  Is it too little?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  $20?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  Is it too little?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  How about $30?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  Is it too little?

This went on until we reached $50.  He said $50 is ok.  Not too little.  When i asked if he wanted to give $60, he said no.

My next question:

Me:  Do you want to use your money or mommy's money?Jon:  Mommy's money

Harith said he's a smart boy ;)))))  haahaha

Both of us said a prayer for daddy.

Thanks Harith for being here with me all these years to watch over Jonathan.  Happy Blessed Father's Day Dear :)))

BTW, I got a rose from Jonathan on Mother's day.  I didn't blog about it then cos I was busy.  But it was really a beautiful gesture.  I didn't even know he had a discussion with his daddy about buying a carnation.

This morning at 2am, I finished up a couple t-shirt for my niece-in-law's sister who is getting married this year.  At the same time, printed 4 rompers for my grandniece.  Simple words on a white mothercare's romper.

These are for Natasha, a cute little chubby cheeks princess who looks exactly like my nephew :)
Uniquely her name means CHILD OF CHRISTMAS.


Busy Mummy said...

Good effort, Jonathon! You r such a kind n loving boy to yr parents :)

Serene Ho said...

Dear Busy Mummy:

Thank you for dropping by and writing encouraging words in my journal.