Friday, July 01, 2011


Jonathan finally had his dental appointment today after it was postponed many times.

Seems that there are 2 more baby molars that are not out yet.  But they look really tender and pink.  One of them is shaky.

Dr Toh scheduled him for a major GA clean up / surgery (if necessary, to remove the baby molar...she said better to do it while he's asleep if they don't drop out before the clean up date) / coat a protective layer over all his teeth after scaling to prevent tooth decay / patch any holes (if any).

His first major clean up was done when he was 9/10 years old.  So this will be his second clean up.
Scheduled date - 19 August 2011.  Although check up is at the national dental centre, day surgery will be done at KK Hospital.  Dr didn't want to do anything earlier because she wanted to wait till most of his adult teeth are out and this is a good time now.

I'm trusting the Lord that everything will go on well before and after the GA.

We were late for our appointment by 15 minutes because there was heavy traffic due to an accident at CTE (AYE) although it wasn't en route to national dental centre.  But somehow, traffic was quite slow towards the entrance to CTE.

We ended up waiting one and half hours for his appointment.  Found out from Dr Toh that from the start at 9am, everybody was late so all the appointments were pushed back.  What made our delay was there was a difficult case before us.

So we came home and the retching kinda started towards evening.  But thankfully it wasn't serious.

Now...I'm staying in Jonathan's room to monitor his condition.  It will probably be another long night.  He's fidgeting and waking up every half hour but still doesn't want anything to drink.  I guess he knows his own body.

Gotta go.  He's awake again.

Thanks for dropping by.  I do appreciate a prayer for him.  God bless all!

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