Saturday, July 30, 2011


The birthday booklets ... remaining ones for the year have been completed and couriered to the rightful owner!

Thanks Ms MW for being so patient with me :)  You are one of the best customers I have ever had!

So here are the final 4 booklets/card:

I kinda like the effect of Earnest's book cover.  Used rikrak ribbons and glued only on one end.

The flower pattern paper has glitter on them.  so I added these tiny beads that were actually meant for mobile phone covers.  The whole strip of beads already had adhesive backing so all I did was cut each bead out and pasted on the pattern paper.
Close up...can you see the tiny beads?  For the maroon backing, it's actually a piece of my tshirt transfers.  I used my scallop punch to cut them out.

This card I made for Esther was simple.  My good friend, Olive, gave me a set of gltter birthday patter papers and a roll of lace ribbon (with adhesive) that she bought from Korea.  I used the lace to line the bottom of the card to make it look like the candles were on a cake.  Kind of like this effect.  But the only thing was when I got up yesterday morning, I realised the color of the chipboard alphas don't mactch!  haha.  Well...that's my mistake for working under a dim light at 3am!  LOL!

This hanger hearts was done a few months' back and I decided to use it for Mabel.

Because the front is already complexed, I wanted to keep the back simple and plain with just her name.

Trimmed the paper cards to the same size as the circle coaster for her friends to write their messages for her.
The booklets and card were couriered yesterday to MW yesterday and hope she's got them.

We celebrated my mom's 82nd birthday today.  My mom was born in Swatow, China.  They used the chinese lunar calendar to record their birthdates so today is actually the day she was born.  The 30th day of the 6th of the chinese calendar.  It's the chinese leap year.  Otherwise, there's no 30th day on the 6th month.  It's complicating isn't it?  haha.

Although she was not very sure what the occasion was, she was alert and quite chatty.

Happy birthday mom!  I LOVE YOU veryX100000000000 much!  Pictures later :)

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