Monday, November 14, 2011


And the rashes on Jonathan's body are still there, some appearing on his armpits and a few dots on the face.

We brought him back to the GP, this time around, seeing another doctor on duty and was prescribed another type of anti-allergy medication and cream.  Doc said that the rashes should clear within 7-8 days with this medication of Dhasalon but if it doesn't then he has to go for a jab.

I've seen improvements.  Most of them have turned a little brownish.  I do hope they clear quickly.

I've decided to google the different types of rashes but nothing seems to fit what Jonathan has.  Of course that's good.  But it would be good to know what it is.  But so long as the rashes clear, I'm ok without knowing what it was in the first place that caused this.

Thank you Lord for healing Jonathan.

I've also been busy.  One order after another, although they are small.  I've decided not to take any orders for Christmas.  Don't want to be swamped.  But other than this, I still have a pile of tshirts to clear and keep in the cupboards because they are just lying in the working room and collecting dust!

Wanted to print bags tonight but decided against it because I'm just too sleepy.

Better go now.  Thanks for dropping by!


Busy Mummy said...

Hope that Jonathon's rashes clear up soon...its very painful to have itching on the body...hv you taken him for a food/blood test to see what he is allergic to?

God bless and keep you and family in his love...

May said...

If more skin problems crop up, good to get specialist at National Skin Centre to check it. With Vera, they are able to tell me exactly what rash it is.