Monday, December 12, 2011


My last post was almost a month ago.  I've been busy...and...lazy.

Thanks to May of Love and A Leap of Faith and Busy Mommy for dropping by.  We have brought Jonathan back for a review.  The rash is somehow clearing but a little slowly.  The "virus" is clearing from his body and there's no need to got to the skin doctor.

There are some new ones here and there but most of those on his lower body are almost disappearing.  When they dry there a small scabs that come off.

He says it's not itchy, which is either a way to avoid going to the hospital or just to avoid more medication.  But for now, we will just continue applying cream on those spots.

Jonathan has been very vocal lately and I'm very happy that sometimes he tries to follow what I say.  Some words seems audible but of course when you ask him to repeat it, he just gives you an "ah".

Note:  Sorry...when I converted the clip from quick time to wmv, I couldn't rotate the image.

He's a growing teenager with his own demands.  So sometimes when demands are not met quickly, he will resort to his antics like the above video.  He will start tugging at his BARD button and then his tummy will be exposed.  So most of the time I'll have to ask him to pull down his shirt.  He's actually getting really good at this skill.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or get angry.

By the way, since he went to school, we have taught him to reply "yes" and "no" using his hands.  And because we wanted him to use his left hand more, we decided to put "Yes" band on his left wrist.  So now, his "yes" is answered by raising his left arm.  But somehow, for his "no", he decided to hold his hands together..LOL.  It's supposed to be his right hand.  This method has been really effective communication for us.  But most of our family members or friends still use the sign language of "yes" and "no" to talk to him, which is fine too!

But I'm just thankful that he's been healthy.  In 11 days time,we will be staying a night at a hotel in Orchard.  My sister was kind to book us a room for Jonathan to capture the Christmas spirit there.  Please pray along with us that the weather for the overnight stay on 21st will be excellent so that we can enjoy the sights of lights and sounds of Christmas carols.

Thanks so much!  God bless!

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