Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Jonathan received an early Christmas gift from his Aunty.  A one-night stay at Mandarin Orchard.  It was a brand new experience for him.  My sister wanted him to catch the sights and sounds and feel the Christmas spirit down town.  Something that we might not do this year because of the erratic weather.

A few days before we were there, it was raining everyday.  But on that day we were at Orchard Road, the weather was superb!  Praise the Lord for answering our prayers!

We checked-in in the afternoon.  The hotel was so crowded with guests and mostly were Indonesians or Chinese nationals.

Our room for the night.  A king size bed.  He was surprise that we were in this room as I didn't want to tell him earlier (just in case he decides not to go...a decision which I regretted later).

Took a stroll in the afternoon after having lunch.  there were many painted elephants along the stretch from Lucky Plaza to Tangs.  Later we found out it was a project to encourage people to help save the elephants.
I particularly liked this elephant (below).

We went to 313 Somerset and managed to catch one of the first carol performances.  Jonathan liked these.  Sat there listening to 3 songs before we left for another place.

We went back to the room to feed Jonathan and rested for a while.  After dinner, we ventured out again.
It was so crowded along the Orchard Road.  But I still could take this picture (below).  There were strips of LED lights embedded into the ground.  I thought they were rather unique.

This is the Ferraro Roche Christmas tree in front of The Heeren.

Jonathan didn't particularly liked the crowd.  So we went into Orchard Central and had dinner at Garuda, an Indonesian restaurant on the 7th floor.  We decided to sit outside at the balcony and it was breezy.  Jonathan liked Orchard Central because of the bubble lifts.  haha

After dinner, we decided to walk back towards ION.  See the crowd below?

The lights along the road were beautiful :)

This picture was taken in front of ION Orchard.

While we were catching another carol group performing, we also chanced upon the mini Christmas Float Parade.  The timing was just great!  Here's a short clip of the whole video of the parade:

Since Jonathan didn't nap that afternoon, we would think he would be very tired.  We also gave him his nose medication because the air was dry in the room and he was snorting somewhat.  He couldn't sleep until 2am and only managed 20 minutes of sleep and didn't want to from then on.  Despite our efforts to make him rest and turning off the air-condition (and the room was still cold), he couldn't go back to sleep.

We finally felt that it was time to let him rest and checked out early.  We felt bad that we had to "abandon" the stay.  We deliberated for a long time before making the decision.  When we reached home, he came down with low grade fever.

It was a great night for us and a good "sleeping experience" for Jonathan.  I guess he was too aware of the new surrounding.  But I think it was the nose that gave him more discomfort.

I want to thank my sister, Emmy for her generous gift and God bless her for being so kind to us.

I asked Jonathan if he wanted to try staying at another hotel again, he said "yes".  The next time we do it, I'll make sure I tell him first  And also to look for a hotel that has windows that can be opened LOL!

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