Saturday, December 31, 2011


On Friday, we brought Jonathan to town again when he said it was alright to go out.

We took a cab to Marina Square, had breakfast and decided to walk to the Helix Bridge since we've never been there.  Before we set off, I thanked the Lord for good and perfect weather with little sunshine and God answered again :)

Jonathan absolutely loved the Helix Bridge because he could enjoy the sights of highrise buildings.  Something that he loves very much.  We walked through the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, passed by the Casino (with a very smokey entrance).  We went to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and wanted to go up to the Sky Park but it was closed for a private function (and we found out that it was closed for some parachute jumping through the New Paper).  We ended our outing at the Esplanade having tea and when we got home, Jonathan was just absolutely a-okay!

Thank you Lord for your constant healing over Jonathan's body.  I believe that we will see more good things in 2012.  Today is just the first day but I'm already very excited and planning for our next day trip and the new future...another hotel stay.

Happy New Year to all.  And I leave you with some photos that were taken on Friday, 30th:

this was the first picture I took after entering the Helix Bridge.  I just love the city skyline.

This is the stretch of the Helix Bridge.  It looks like this now but at night, it's filled with lights.  We have yet to go there at night.

You can see the smile on Jonathan's face because he got to see all the high rise buildings.

this was taken when we stood in front of the Art & Science Museum.  They were showcasing the Titanic Exhibitions but we didn't want to go.

That's the "hand" looking Art & Science Museum.

On the way to the sky Park, we had to walk through the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  Looking up from the ground, they are hotel rooms.

Before we reach the Hotel, we had to pass the Casino.  It was really smokey.

That's the entrance.  I saw a young man holding a stack of $50 notes about 2cm thick entering the casino!

At the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, there was a mini "Venice" where shoppers can rent a boat and "sail" through this short canal.

See the people queuing on the left.  The boats were paddled by staff.

 Before we left Marina Bay Sands via the Helix Bridge, I just had to take this picture.

And finally... a close up of the Singapore Flyer.  Another attraction we haven't been on yet.  As you can see, the Lord gave us perfect weather.  Breezy and no sunshine :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

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