Friday, March 29, 2013


For the last few days, I've noticed a little change in Jonathan's control over his movements.

On any day, whenever he watches this particular Wheel of Fortune game show, he usually gets all excited and will be kicking hard, not controlling his movements and his involuntary movements goes to the overdrive. By the time the show ends, which is like 15 minutes later, he would be drenched in perspiration and tired. It does look like he's just had a full workout.

But of late, when he requests for this game show, I will tell him to control his movements and he does it. He still get all excited. But his movements are controlled. He doesn't kick and bang his legs on the floor (that he does as a result of involuntary movement) as much and he doesn't droll as much too.

This to me is an improvement. He not only did it once but a couple of times.  There are times if I don't remind him, he does go overboard. But I'm happy it seems his brain is registering the instructions given and put into action.

The other is when he tries to help me pass his shirt. Most times, he will swing his arm quickly just to try to grab the shirt. But when I say "do it slowly", he does slow down and eventually able to grab hold of the shirt.

I'm pretty sure his brain is improving. May be just a fluke but I'm looking forward to see more improvement.

On the note of improvement, I'm starting him on 7 scoops of milk today. Doing it gradually. I will see if he's able to take the first milk feed today with the increase.  Just only one feed first to allow his body to adjust.

Thanks for visiting.  God bless!

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