Wednesday, March 27, 2013


For someone who takes in more than 2 litres of fluid everyday, it's highly unusual that Jonathan's diaper is dry for 3 hours.

It started on Thursday 22nd March.  I noticed his diaper only had a small amount of urine. Got me a little worried. But then the weather was so hot and he was perspiring a lot, I thought it was probably due to this that's why he was not peeing that much.

On Sunday 24th March, he did pee but diaper was mostly half full. There was no pungent sell or discolour.  This morning, I changed his diaper at 9am and for the next 3 hours, his diaper was totally dry and I noticed he made jerky movements. He also told me pain when peeing.

Brought him to the clinic. Doc said there are symptoms of UTI. But since it was hard to collect urine sample, would treat him just the same.

He prescribed antibiotics and potassium citrate to give him the urge to urinate. He said UTI in male is rare but when it does happen the pain can be quite bad. So he told me to give Jon panadol.

Through the next few days, he said peeing was not as painful as before.

I felt totally bad that I didn't bring him to the doctors early.  Little boy was in a lot of pain but he was really bearing it.  I was totally surprised that when I mentioned about bringing him to the clinic, he was all for it!

Still one more day to the 5-day course of antibiotics.  But thankfully, his diaper is filled up again and now I really have to be careful about his hygiene down there.  And he's happy again.

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