Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jonathan had his diet review today at KK.

Weight:  24.9kg (up by 300g in six months)
Height:  137cm

He looks tall.  I was surprise it's only 137cm +/-

But I'm happy he's gaining weight.

Dietitian KY said that it's good he's gaining and growing.  The ultimate weight to achieve this year is 29kg.  That's 90% of the 32.9kg that he's supposed to be at his age of 16.

She also recommended that we increase to 7 scoops of the Isomil Advance Plus 1-10 yo soy milk.  I did ask about switching to adult but she's more concern about Jonathan's health as when he used to take Pediasure he had a lot of secretion and most adult milk are cow milk base even though they may be lactose free.

It's ok for him to keep taking the Isomil so I'm happy with it because this milk regulates his bowel movements and is soothing to his tummy.  We just need to up it because he's growing and it's only 1kal.  So his weight will not gain so quickly.

The new vitamin supplement she introduced was ProPhree.  It's powdery form and has a more balanced of all vitamins with sodium and potassium compared to those bought from health stores.

Have pre-ordered a can from KK ( can only buy from there).  We shall test and see if it's good for Jonathan as Ms KY said that they have tried it on young patients with protein problem and it worked well.

The other matter I discovered today was that at KK, the maximum age limit for boys is up to 16 years old.  Last year, we were given a discharge by the neurologist with 2 years of open date and a letter briefly describing Jon's condition in case we needed it for future referral elsewhere.

This moring, the Dietitian told me that by right, they should make the necessary transfer for us to the adult hospital because of Jonathan's disability.

Thank God for Ms KY who said she will check for me.  She has taken care of Jonathan's diet since he was young.

I'm hoping that he can be transferred to Changi General Hospital which is just 15 minutes away by cab from my place.

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope everyone is well.

God bless!


MiNG said...

was wondering instead of cow milk ,,
can he take goat milk?

Serene Ho said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

He was taking goat milk for a while back but because of past medical issues we switched to soy milk which is better for his tummy.

Thanks for your concern.