Friday, June 21, 2013


From low to high, the haze was bad especially this morning on 22 June.  Reading of PSI was 400.  Thankfully, H was wise to put wet towels over the window grills.  This reduced the smoky smell in the hall tremedously and we could breath a little better.  Although the towel dried up quickly and we had to constantly wet it, it was well worth the trouble.

I was rather emotional this morning when we woke up to the smell of heavy smoke in Jonathan's room. I don't know why I started tearing.  I guess I was afraid of Jonathan falling ill.  Then I was reminded to keep my focus on Jesus and what He would do.  I prayed for wisdom to help Jonathan as much as I could.  I gave him ventolin puff just to clear his air passage ways.  He wasn't sick. It was just a precautionary measure.  Gave him nose medication because he was snorting a bit and let him drink teaspoonful of water via the mouth and keeping his eyes moist with eye drops.

My trust level in Jesus was pushed up notches and thankfully, he has kept Jonathan safe.  I know I must continually trust Him and each time repeating it in my heart.

This afternoon, I asked if he wanted to put on a mask.  We only have the surgical ones and he said "yes".  But immediately upon wearing it, he asked me to remove it.  hahaha.  It was quite funny.  In the end, he told me no more and I shouldn't wear it too.

But I do understand how he feels.  It's very hot wearing it.  I guess Jonathan has more faith than I do :)

Thankfully the PSI has gone down by this evening and I hope it will go further.

Lord, you love your people.  Send rain to bring it all down that we can have fresh air again.

Thanks for visiting and continue to stay healthy!

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