Thursday, June 27, 2013


A few days after the haze hit PSI 401, I decided to check on Jonathan's health.
Health check:
"Jon, your throat ok?" A: yes
"Your nose ok?" A: yes
"Your eyes ok?" A: no
"Need eye drops ?" A: no
I closed his eyes, rub rub a little.
"Now ok? A: yes
"Breathing ok?"A: yes
"Any smoke smell?"A: no
Praise the Lord :)
Then 2 days ago:
Jonathan cut his big toe after kicking a plastic stool. The cut was a little deep but thankfully it stopped bleeding immediately. He didn't like the plaster on the big toe. Any chance he gets, he will stick his foot into my face whenever I'm near him, asking me to remove it. He tried to pull it off but his fingers couldn't exactly reach his toe. He even tried to scrape it off by rubbing his foot against the wall. Finally, after 2 hours, I removed the plaster only to see that the cut has healed so quickly. It is God's miracle healing. This evening, he wanted to go for a walk downstairs. But when told that I have to put a plaster on his toe because he has to wear his sandals, he changed his mind. haha. That's my boy :)
All in all, I'm thankful that Jonathan is in good health.  1 John 4:17 " As Jesus is, so is Jonathan in this world."
Glad the haze has subsided and there has been rain the last 2 days to cool down the weather.  Hope it doesn't come back.
Hope everyone is well :)

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