Friday, June 28, 2013


I was feeling down last 2 days.  My body has been having aches and pains.  It's like the calcium in my bones are affected.  You just feel lethargic and all kinds of bad thoughts started forming in my mind.

The aches and pain normally comes after a prolong period of sitting down printing tshirts.

This morning, as I was laying down next to Jonathan after he woke up, I prayed to the Lord:

"Jesus, I know you are the greatest physician in the whole universe.  You are my doctor.  I cannot go to the polyclinic because the waiting hours are long.  Thank you that the aches and pains are upon your body on the cross. In Jesus' name.  Amen!"

Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation like goose bumps on my shoulders.  Then the aches started moving downwards right down to to my legs.  And I felt relief.  Although throughout the day sometimes I feel the ache here and there, it was not strong.  By afternoon, I was so much better as if nothing happened at all.  So throughout the whole day I kept praying in tongues.

This evening, I was blessed by my pastor's message about praying short prayers.  So I am sharing the message with you so that you can be blessed:

Thank you for visiting.  Continue to have good health.  God bless!

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