Friday, August 15, 2014


I feel guilty right now.  H keeps assuring me it's for Jonathan's good.

Jonathan is having his teeth cleaned.  A tri-yearly procedure.

He saw me packing his bag last night.  He keep peeking at me when he heard the zipper being pulled.  He knew something was up, and also for the fact that both H and I were sometimes conversing in mandarin.

How to tell him?

Before he went to bed, he was already whining. As much as I do not understand what he was saying, I knew deep down he wanted to know what was going on.  But I couldn't because I know he will surely not go to sleep, no matter how tired he was.

What could we do?

Nothing but pray.

Thankfully he went to sleep rather quickly...also thanks to the cold medication I gave him after his supper.  He had caught a cold on Monday so hopefully later it will be a "go ahead".  Already postponed once and waited for another 3 months.  I don't want to have it postponed again, of which the decision will be made by the anesthetist.

I'm nervous with this type of procedure.  GA.  But I'm also thankful at the same time because he will not feel much tugging and pulling and  hearing all the drlling sound as the gadgets chip the plaque from his teeth.

Thanking the Lord for everything to run smoothly including the dentist and staff who will be attending to him.

I can only do one thing now to feel lest guilty....pray and believe that Jonathan will be willing to go later this afternoon and it will not be difficult to put him on the buggy and that everything will be on time and we don't have to wait too long.

Lord I commit Jonathan unto you.  He is in good hands....Your hands.  Thank you for keeping him full when he has to fast for 6 hours.  Thank you for Your peace is upon him.  And most of all that Jonathan will go in well and discharged and come home well.

We are supposed to be at KK by 12noon. Will update my journal tonight.

God bless!

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