Sunday, August 17, 2014


It it takes me two says to recover from Jonathan's dental procedure at Day Surgery,  KK Hospital. What more for Jonathan?

All in all there were four teeth extractions with stitches for quick recovery.  Doctor had to remove 2 permanent baby canine teeth that didn't come out of their own. Because of these 2 teeth, the adult molars were pushed back and were in a clutter of 3 and jutting out. This happened on the left and right side of his jaw. Doctor also advised to remove those 2 molars so that it will not strain the gums there and for easy cleaning.

Till today, Jonathan says the gums are still sore and tells me he needs panadol to ease the pain. And the right nostril is also sore into which they inserted a breathing tube.

Here he was at the recovery just outside the operating theatre:

They placed him face down to allowed the blood or saliva to flow out.  But he was an unhappy patient 5 minutes into being fully wake.  He didn't like that they had tonsuction him to remove the thick bloody secretion that were stuck at his throat.  They refused to allow him to leave unless his throat was clear.

Thankfully after 15 mintues we were moved to the day surgery recovery room to feed him before leaving the hospital.

fasting was from 6am. He went intonthe operatong theatre at 3.40pm. Whole procedure lasted almost an hour. By the time after recovery, we left KK around 7pm.

Thank you Lord Jesus for protectong Jonathan and guiding the doctors and nurses.  He recovered and cleared his phlegm very quickly.

Here's what we were doing while waiting.

He wawanted the tag on his ankle.

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