Sunday, August 10, 2014

WILL YOU TALK TO ME? I lay down beside Jonathan watching him go to sleep, one question I asked him as he looked into my eyes:

Will you talk to me?   I need to share my heart with you and know what you are always thinking.

Today my heart was heavy.  Because of a statement I read.  It's funny how this happened.  But it's been brewing for quite sometime already and has been kept in one corner of my heart for a while.  So tonight, when I read that statement, I realised that in this world, besides God who watches and hears us, we, my family, are all alone.

Hard as I would like to admit, there are times when you say something and yet nobody takes the cue.  They are all about themselves and they expect you to do it for them.  I guess, nobody is as sensitive as I am....maybe this is even a selfish thought.

But what can I do?  I can't force others to share the same sentiments as I do.  So I have decided that I shall not bother any more because there are two persons more important in my life that need my attention and they are the ones who will care for me and share my deepest fears and sadness and happiness.

So I will ask Jonathan again.  Will you talk to me?  I want you to share with me your deepest frustrations and happiness because I care.  And I know that when you talk to me, you will love me when I share my deepest sadness and joys with you.....because you care.

God bless all you reads this journal <3 p="">

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