Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Zoe...Jonathan's classmate. A sweet girl, with long and silky hair. Full of life and freedom of speech, unless you zero in on her, said to me during snack time:

"Aunty Serene, you are wearing green color shirt today."

"Yes", was my reply.

"You should wear bright colors, like blue".

"Blue? You mean dark blue?"

"No...light blue!"...she makes a face, indicating that you are silly to ask her "dark blue?" when she mentions bright colors....haha.

Ya...I'm a dark t-shirt person. It hides my extras so i don't look so big..haha. Mabye...just maybe...one day I'll surprise her with a light blue t-shirt.

Zoe means life, freedom. She sure has them. She's one person who doesn't bother about what you think of her. She wipes off Jonathan's saliva without even thinking twice about it. She saw Jonathan drooling and said, "Aunty Serene, Jonathan's got saliva on his face. I'll wipe it for him." and she did it.

That's something many of us ought to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Children are innocent .. I admire and envy them for that. Wish adults can display this sometimes too.. we are just too conscious about what we do and say. tiring...