Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Jonathan had the same symptoms again ... I E ...phlegmy, lots of secretion, retching because he couldn't handle the large amount of secretion formed in his throat.

Brought him to GP last night. Spoke to doc about the past attacks and he concluded that it could be the way Jonathan is sitting now, both in the buggy and the wheelchair in the school.

Jonathan is slouching...alot. That presses down on his lungs and causes discomfort. That in turn causes the build-up because he cannot breath properly.

Doc advised me to give him ventolin puff and medication before he goes to school each day. This will help to open up the airways. That will last for about 4 hours.

We didn't go school today. He was tired out. Just as well cos it rained so heavily around 8am. Will start the medical prescription tomorrow. Praying that this will only be temporary.

PT will help me. {I've had enough with otum, who, to my amazement, suggested I solve my own problem (just by the words spoken)}. I'm just thankful PT is here.

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