Friday, July 25, 2008


What does Jonathan do when he WANTS to....

1) be carried by his daddy?
~~ Keeps jutting his butt upwards as a sign that he wants to be carried.

2) wants to listen to music?
~~ Look towards the door of daddy's music room.

3) get our attention?
~~ Keep touching his feeding button until the gauze tears and the button cap opens.

4) take his meal?
~~ Also touch his feeding button...LOL!

5) change his diaper?
~~ Touch the diaper he is wearing.

6) sing a song?
~~ Goes into a falsetto voice (like a soprano singing voice, yet gentle). He will always sing a few lines then stop.

7) when he suddenly feels lonely when we're busy and not paying attention to him?
~~ Start pouting his lips and immediately there will be tears in his eyes.



What does Jonathan do if he DOESN'T WANT to....

1) take an afternoon nap?
~~ Refused to be carried into his room or lie with me on the sofa. He will twist or straighten his body until it's very, very difficult for me to carry him.

2) go out with us?
~~ Straighten and lock his arms and turn and twist his body until it is impossible to change his t-shirt. He will also turn and scoot away from me if he doesn't want to get his bermudas changed until we have to give up and bring out the home clothes.

3) join the school's ECA like Boccia?
~~ Refused to sleep at night. Purposely stay awake until 2am and both of us will be too tired to even go to school.

4) learn his spelling words?
~~ Tells me he already knows how to spell all the words. (Turns out...IT'S TRUE!!! LOL!!!)

5) wait for me to change video clips?
~~ Will keep calling and calling and calling until we do.


So...these are some of the "What Does Jonathan Do..." episodes that I can remember clearly. If more come to mind in the future...I will definitely blog it!

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