Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Jonathan got fitted with a new wheelchair today. He's been sitting on the current one that looks like a giant throne for his size, for more than 2 years. I felt it's time for a change since he's growing taller. I also wanted to have one that's lower in height so that he can be almost at the same level as his friends who sit on normal chairs.

So we tried 3 different types. Asked him different questions and he chose the last wheelchair that has a well-seat that fits his bottom pretty well. But we still have to modify. At least this wheelchair can expand as he grows older. Perhaps another 2-3 years of usage.

According to OT...no pummel {the wedge in between his legs}. That is used only when a child cannot open his legs and also, with that, it might hurt Jonathan's groins.

I hope this will be something that will help his slouching problem.

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