Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jonathan was not well Monday. He was perfectly well in the morning. We went to East Point to buy something and then decided to take brunch at Hans. Ordered soup and sandwich. Normally we don't give him cream of mushroom soup because the last time we did, he came home vomitting badly.

But I thought since the soup of the day was cream of corn chowder, there's no harm giving him.

He came home vomtting from late afternoon. We didn't give him anything else except the soup and he threw up so many times that the doc had to give him a jab that really knocked him out. He fell asleep on his buggy while on the way back.

Advice from doc to lay off milk for 2 days. So cook porridge and gave him the porridge water. He was better after the night's sleep although he woke up a few times in the night because his diaper was full after giving him pedialyte {sort of like isotonic drink}.

It didn't give me enough sleep either cos I was up with him, monitoring till 5am. Finished reading a novel that night!! But I'm just thankful that he was ok the next day. H stayed home to watch him so I could get some rest.

Now...we matter how he gives me the "mummy-can-I-have-some" look....I shall not give him creamy soup from outside restaurants anymore.

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