Sunday, August 03, 2008


KK Hospital Home Care had a party for their patients on 27 June 2008 and Jonathan is in the KK Home Care list. We always decline the invitaion but this year, since it was held at Tampines, we decided to go.

They had games, magic shows, a portrait photography for families and NTUC vouchers for each family given by a company that sponsored the party. The cameraman took a few shots of us and the photo company picked this {I supposed it was the best among the rest}.

They gave us an A4 size portrait framed {below}, 5 pcs 4Rs and 5 pcs wallet size. All for free.

We have never had a family portrait taken before and this is so precious to us. It's sitting in our hall and the plastic wrapping is still intact {as you can see}. Although I wish Jonathan's eyes were looking directly at the camera, I'm just thankful for this picture.


Chowchow said...

what a sweet photo Serene...


Serene Ho said...

Yup! Our very first and I love it too!