Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Harith did it again.  He has a knack for finding good books.   Two days ago he came back with this book from the library.  I was reading another and only started reading this book at 12 midnight yesterday.
It's heartwarming to know there are lots of families around the world who are going through the same situation as I am.  I'm not rejoicing in their sufferings, but rather, I rejoice in their positive attitudes.  For many, our children may not be what we have planned for them to be.  Before Jonathan was born, we had hopes of him following in his daddy's musical skills of playing the violin.  We wanted to go for mission trips, holidays to Austria and dreams for our future.

But all that has changed.

\Now Jonathan only listens to his daddy playing the violin, with occasions when he gets a chance to hold the bow.  We still go for trips but within Singapore, the only overseas trip is to Sentosa Island LOL.

Our outlook in life has changed.  Reality struck and it was the hardest hit for us.  But this reality woke us up to see that no matter how harsh our situation may be, there's always something good or even better that comes out in the end.  The tunnel, though very dark in the beginning, is becoming greyish as we move on.  And soon, it will become brighter.

Acceptance is good but never believe things will not improve.

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