Monday, September 21, 2009


The thing about remember Dad is that we get to gather at the niche ... not a really ideal place for a gathering.  But everytime we are there, we're the only family and we do make alot of noise.  If the dead could complain, they would say we are a noisy bunch!  LOL!

Anyway, when I say fun, I mean getting to arrange the flower bed below my dad's niche.  In the little garden this year, I decided to buy the artificial flowers and decided on red roses!  Never had red before so wanted to have a change.  Not bad for an amateur landscaper...LOL!

Fun as in we enjoy each other's company ... with my mum's ever presence.  Feet beling from left corner:  Leon, Amos, Nicole, Kimberly, Leanne, Mary, Matthew, Me, Hoon, Ruel.

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