Thursday, September 10, 2009

JONATHAN'S HEALTH's been a month now since we started on the chinese herbs.  But then so much has happened that we feel that we have to stop this route of boosting his immunity.

Twice we got the herbs changed, twice, he came down with diarrhea.  I can't let this happen all the time.  Besides, each time we go, it costs alot and we cannot use the last batch of herbs anymore.

It's not that we cannot afford to help Jonathan this way but I just feel that for him to keep purging like this is not what right.  Moreover, for the last few days he had the diarrhea, I just didn't sleep well, afraid that he might do it in the middle of the night.

For the last one month we were at home, he's hardly sick.  He's been healthy and full of energy.

We'll be back in school next week.  Believing God that everything will be good from now onwards.

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May said...

go with your gut instinct...with these supplement things. chinese herbs I think are powerful...but maybe sometimes too powerful for our child's inactive bodies.