Tuesday, November 03, 2009


My sister was trying to make my mum pose with "peace" v sign and look cute.  it amused her so much because she just couldn't bend one of her fingers.  Well...she managed in the end.

I always enjoy my 80 year young mom.  These pictures were taken more than a week back.  Her memory is getting better.  Praise the Lord for that :)

Please excuse my "unglam-ness"  LOL!

In her spare time, my mom's domestic helper watches over the potted plants that my mom planted a long time ago.  See the cactus on the far right corner?  That's quite old already.  My mom has excellent green thumbs.  She used to have quite a few of the bonsai plants.  But now that she's staying in an apartment, there's no more garden for her to tend to.  The egg shell was decorated by the helper.

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