Friday, March 05, 2010


This alphabet board was made a few years back.  When doing spelling using this board became too slow, I stopped using it.  It's been in the storeroom for a while already.

We met Jonathan's new speech therapist in school for the first time in February.  He had to find out what Jonathan used for communication and we kinda like concluded that we may have to go back to the original method of using the picture exchange card system.  but he still wanted to see more of Jonathan to find out a suitable communication method.

We have been going through this for many years.  And I think I have also blogged about it in the past {though I'm too lazy to search}.  But it always comes back that "I already know how Jonathan communicates through special signals, he still needs to find a way to communicate with others."

It's a repeated theory.  I guess I've grown comfortable with the communication level that Harith and I have with Jonathan.

So today ... I decided to get the alphabet board out.  He was, in a way, happy to see it after a long break.
With his unsteady arm movements, he was very willing to spell CAT, JONATHAN, TELEVISION, HOUSE and COMPUTER for me.

Sometimes his hands will spread across 4 letters.  But each time I tell him to clench his fist or close his hands so he can touch each letter better, he will do it.  By doing this, his whole hand will rest on just one letter of the alphabet.

It took a while to spell each word.  Sometimes when the word is long, he forgets what he had touched earlier and I have to keep prompting him.

Wtih him not attending school regularly, it's time I start him on some work again as I've slackened a lot.

I hope with practice, he will be become better and more flexible in his move.  And being on the new wheelchair seat helps give him the proper support to move his hands a little easier.

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