Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jonathan is outgrowing the Maclaren Elite Buggy.  His legs are tall and he tends to either dangle it outside the footrest or twist his leg like you see above cos he likes to cross his legs.  Besides, the seat itself has not enough space for his growing bum.  He is kinda like sitting on the edge of it already.  Ideally the depth of the seat should reach the back of his knees.  And he's been twisting his body in a funny way when on this buggy.

So we went sourcing around for new buggies.  Went to a major supplier of special equimpment and they let us try this:

Both of these were unsuitable because the back rests were too short.  For the left buggy, the handle bars obstructed Jonathan's seating position as he tends to extend his arms outwards.

Currently, we have this option:
Folds into upright umbrella style which is good.  Lighter than the Convaid Rodeo Tilt that we have at home from Make a Wish Foundation {see NEW EQUIPMENT POST HERE}.  Also, when I'm alone with Jonathan, I'll be able to handle this rather than the Rodeo.

As Jonathan grows older, the equipment becomes bulkier and, of course, more expensive.  And to add to this, he needs full body support.  So wheelchairs are out.

I called another supplier 2 days ago to ask about their product and this is what transpired:
Me:  "I saw an All Terrain buggy on your website.  Looking for one for my son currently using the Maclaren."

Salesman:   "All Terrain Buggy and Maclaren are about the same size.  (then starts talking to his colleague about other suggestions without putting me on hold and I thot he was talking to me and it happened a few times!  LOL)Want to try any child wheelchair?"

Me:  "My son needs full body support."

Salesman:  "Oh ... like that headache man."

Me:  "Ok.  Thanks for your help.  Will source somewhere else." is a headache if they have never had a client who need full body support.

We only want what's best for Jonathan and to keep his body in good alignment as much as possible.

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